Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes i am happy!
I finally feel SUPER RELAXED! havent been feeling this relaxed for a super long time.
Anywayyy... some updates...

Last Friday, my Uni's CF organised an Easter Event, 1 Love Jam!
I was supposed to be the backstage person but yeahh.. in the end, Adam took me over to the Easter Skit! I was reluctant at first but after the whole thing I was super grateful that he did!
We had dances, bands, a skit, a message.
Don't have much pictures because i did not touch my phone's camera :D

Actor and actresses for the Easter Skit

Really felt God's presence that night. I felt that I've finally accomplished something for the Big Guy up there.

After the event, we went for a makan session at Sri Leena

Then the next day, we had the Alpha Weekend Away at Outback Broga Camp.
A beautiful place but a lot, and i mean A LOT of MOSQUITOES! Really thank God because he gave me bushy legs :D
We watched videos and discussed on three topics : Who is the Holy Spirit ?, What does the Holy Spirit Do? and How can I make the most of the rest of my life. Not exact words but something like that.

On Saturday, I led a praise and worship session! Thank God for Adam again who helped me with all the chords and stuffs after the makan session the night before.

After our lunch, we went for outdoor activities. Supposedly we had to complete three stations that afternoon, Leap of Faith, Rock Climbing and Flying Fox!
We did 2 out of 3 because it rained.

I was almost nervous to do all because they were all high? Hate the feeling like the roller coaster feeling. Something like that.
Rock Climbing was ok. Not that bad. But Leap of Faith was WOW! We had to climb up a tree then jump of a platform to catch a rod or what ever it is called and release it and just hang on mid air... The releasing part was scary! :S

About to release :S

Because it rained, we had to stop after leap of faith. Played card games before dinner, another session and PLAYED again! I'm sure, think I made the most noise. Shouting every time I lose.
a game with UNO cards

The next day, we had another session then flying fox! It was superb!
We played volleyball while waiting for our turns and others to finish..

Group picture!

Then after that, we went for Pan Mee and came back to UNMC!

It was great, the skit, eater event, Alpha was a good start for me to relax before studying again for my exams! :D

Really thank God for this wonderful weekend!

Sunday, February 27, 2011



It has been a long long time since i last posted.

I am also not sure what to post this time.

Just for those who may not know, I am currently studying in Nottingham University, Malaysia Campus.
Going into my 4th week of the third semester in Foundation of Engineering now.
Everything is fine here. People here are mostly nice!
I am still waiting to find this place boring, although it is far from everywhere!

And i guess that's all to update to those people who are following ( i am sure there's none A LOT! :D)
I will find a time to blog soon! HOPEFULLY :D

God bless :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010


die die die.. was transferring pics from my fon and i deleted A LOT OF PICS! accidentally... AHHH!! OH GOD HELP ME! all my pics gonee.........
errgghh.. will post up pictures next time .. soon. sad die now lar..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


my blog has been dead for a year. think nobody is reading anymore..
dunno whether ppl read or not.. but ya.. my faithful reader, angeline ong doesnt read anymore..
if u do.. comment.. hahah

Monday, August 10, 2009


long time no post liao... busy... but dunno busy with wat too....

hmmm... nothing happend lei for the past few weeks..
on the 31st july... we had our hari perpaduan... very early ho... my principal says it will always be on the last day of july... and i also dunno y....
erm.. we had our assembly for 3 periods.. and then the pb took a pic for ONE period.. so ya... didnt go back to class... after break.. 2 teachers came into the class only... and one of them teach.. the other one.. did not teach... hahahah.. and after that... we took pictures... for one whole period... very fun... lazy to post it here... go see for urself in fb la...

then the day after that... hmmm.. oh.. joined the skul jogathon... last year liao... so ya.. run nia lo...
then go makan with dwen,richtnye and gabby lee...
see pics in fb again...

then... rest for an hour and went for badminton... then youth at night.. very tiring ahh..

after that... the whole week... nothing happend i guess....

then last saturday.... helped in the st faith parish sale.. sold burger... hotdogs and earned RM1200 ++... i was the sauce boy... tiring ah i tell u....

then.. went to the new borneo convention centre at night for some save the environment concert... the place was nice... but... very cold.... aaron had an extra ticket.. so asked me to go.. his fren's dad was the main organiser... they rented the hall for 40k.... FREAKING 40K!!!!!!!
didnt take any pics there la.. bcoz.. fon camera too lousy..
see wat i mean by lousy...

and i think that's all.. nothing to say liao..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

halo peepss.... i dunno wad i did today.... ermm..
went for BB and GB enrolment... it is ok... but.. haiz... tiring.. had to polish my uniform parts till 2.30 in the morning.. super sienn.. and must be in church by 7.30.. and the service began la...
then after everything... we had our dismissal... and 3 of our members were discharged at the same time.. and the NCO council decided to do something to them... (i have nothing to do wit it....)
i dunno wad did they put inside... if i am not mistaken.. it was some pork oil...

hershel was pulled in it also bcoz he got his discharged cert today though he discharged long time ago

egg smashing

then when i reached home.. my sister came back from her vacation afterr 5 weeks..
and she gave me all those stuffs la... some are from my cousin and stuffs... but..... my 1st pair of crocs la... hahah.. dunno shud i be happy or wad...
errgghh... that's all la... very short.. lazy to type... gotta do hmwk.. byee...

Friday, July 17, 2009

i wanted to post for the last few daysss... but now... very lazy liao... and it is old news... so nothing to post about....

went for a movie today... harry potter... with dwen and jeryl... dwen actually came late... dunno whr we sat... so he jz simply sit... ALONEEE!!! kesiaannn.. hahaha
the movie is erm.. not that bad... love the graphics and stuffs but daniel reli dunno how to act... make the show so lifeless dee... hahahah.. but overall ok niaa...

went to church jz now... not badd... hahahha... tmr gonna have another session

i dunno wad to write liao.. going st joe tmr for some quiz... and oh crappp..... i jz remember.... i havent study for my quiz.... darrnn... gonna have a bible quiz tmr... and bb rehearsal... double doomedd.... and church in the eveningg,.. yeahh...

k liao.. that's all... tatazz...