Sunday, July 19, 2009

halo peepss.... i dunno wad i did today.... ermm..
went for BB and GB enrolment... it is ok... but.. haiz... tiring.. had to polish my uniform parts till 2.30 in the morning.. super sienn.. and must be in church by 7.30.. and the service began la...
then after everything... we had our dismissal... and 3 of our members were discharged at the same time.. and the NCO council decided to do something to them... (i have nothing to do wit it....)
i dunno wad did they put inside... if i am not mistaken.. it was some pork oil...

hershel was pulled in it also bcoz he got his discharged cert today though he discharged long time ago

egg smashing

then when i reached home.. my sister came back from her vacation afterr 5 weeks..
and she gave me all those stuffs la... some are from my cousin and stuffs... but..... my 1st pair of crocs la... hahah.. dunno shud i be happy or wad...
errgghh... that's all la... very short.. lazy to type... gotta do hmwk.. byee...


  1. Waa nt bad know how to kiss BOYS... XD

  2. weiii.. post photos of my crocs! wanna see f its nice or not.. not nice i dun want.. HAHAHHA! ;P im going back soooooonnnnnn!!! yipeee.. hahhaha

  3. oh.. i dunno which is urs.. will find out and postt...