Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes i am happy!
I finally feel SUPER RELAXED! havent been feeling this relaxed for a super long time.
Anywayyy... some updates...

Last Friday, my Uni's CF organised an Easter Event, 1 Love Jam!
I was supposed to be the backstage person but yeahh.. in the end, Adam took me over to the Easter Skit! I was reluctant at first but after the whole thing I was super grateful that he did!
We had dances, bands, a skit, a message.
Don't have much pictures because i did not touch my phone's camera :D

Actor and actresses for the Easter Skit

Really felt God's presence that night. I felt that I've finally accomplished something for the Big Guy up there.

After the event, we went for a makan session at Sri Leena

Then the next day, we had the Alpha Weekend Away at Outback Broga Camp.
A beautiful place but a lot, and i mean A LOT of MOSQUITOES! Really thank God because he gave me bushy legs :D
We watched videos and discussed on three topics : Who is the Holy Spirit ?, What does the Holy Spirit Do? and How can I make the most of the rest of my life. Not exact words but something like that.

On Saturday, I led a praise and worship session! Thank God for Adam again who helped me with all the chords and stuffs after the makan session the night before.

After our lunch, we went for outdoor activities. Supposedly we had to complete three stations that afternoon, Leap of Faith, Rock Climbing and Flying Fox!
We did 2 out of 3 because it rained.

I was almost nervous to do all because they were all high? Hate the feeling like the roller coaster feeling. Something like that.
Rock Climbing was ok. Not that bad. But Leap of Faith was WOW! We had to climb up a tree then jump of a platform to catch a rod or what ever it is called and release it and just hang on mid air... The releasing part was scary! :S

About to release :S

Because it rained, we had to stop after leap of faith. Played card games before dinner, another session and PLAYED again! I'm sure, think I made the most noise. Shouting every time I lose.
a game with UNO cards

The next day, we had another session then flying fox! It was superb!
We played volleyball while waiting for our turns and others to finish..

Group picture!

Then after that, we went for Pan Mee and came back to UNMC!

It was great, the skit, eater event, Alpha was a good start for me to relax before studying again for my exams! :D

Really thank God for this wonderful weekend!

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